Wavebit Scientific

Accelerating Earth Science research through
state-of-the-art open source software development.

About us

Wavebit Scientific develops modern software for Earth science applications that run anywhere from personal laptops to massively parallel compute clusters. We assist professional scientists and engineers with the development, testing, and validation of their code, allowing them to focus on scientific results and publications.


Software development for Earth science applications

Porting, testing, and profiling of applications on HPC systems

Implementation of weather, ocean, and wave prediction systems

Unit testing, version control, continuous integration

On-site personnel training

Open source software

wavy - A spectral ocean wave modeling framework

functional-fortran - Functional programming for modern Fortran

datetime-fortran - Date and time manipulation for modern Fortran

Contact us

Feel free to email us to inquire about our services, open source software development, or to just say hello!